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Gladiator Workbench

A Gladiator workbench can be purchased in different styles and sizes to better fit your work area. You have two major options in workspace design from Gladiator. One is the traditional workbench which is a standalone bench that comes in three models. The second option is a worktop that can be added to Gladiator Gearbox cabinets for a work space on top of your storage area.

The three models of workbench are available in two sizes the 6 foot and the 8 foot length with a choice of three surfaces, Bamboo, Maple and Fiber Board. We will go over thesse models based on length.

Gladiator 6 modular workbench,
There are two different models in this size range one is the Bamboo modular workbench and the other is the Gladiator Cadet model. each is constructed from cut to fit steel parts and come with all the hardware needed to assemble them yourself.

Gladiator 6 modular workbench bamboo

The Bamboo modular workbench is 38.75 inches high, 66.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep with a 1.5 inch thick Bamboo worktop and can hold up to a 300 pound load. This model is also able to dock two storage modules beneath the top for added storage space if needed.

Gladiator 6 modular workbench cadet

The Gladiator Cadet model workbench is 39 inches high, 66 inches wide, 24 inches deep and has a 1.25 inch treated fiber board top with a 150 pound load limit. This model is a good all around workspace with plenty of surface room for your projects.

Gladiator 8 modular workbench

Gladiator 8 modular workbench,
The 8 foot model is 96 inches wide and 25 inches deep with a 1.75 inch thick solid maple top. This workbench can hold up to three modular components underneath for added storage and can support up to a 1000  pound load. It has a powder coat finish and an optional backsplash with integrated power outlets.

Any Gladiator workbench you might purchase will be built from the highest quality  materials and will carry the usual Gladiator warranties. These workbenches are designed to fit in perfectly with the Gladiator Garageworks systems for a continuity of look and feel in your garage workspace. To see more about Gladiator Workbenches click HERE