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Gladiator Garageworks

Gladiator Garage works is a modular garage organization system that allows you to easily organize your garage or workspace by choosing some or all of their products to customize a solution for your organization needs. By using a modular system you are able to purchase only the accessories you need to fit your garage and still be certain they will all go together.

The primary components of this system are:

Gladiator wall unit


Wall Units,
You can choose to purchase single rails to hold any of the specialized hook and basket accessories Gladiator offers. Or you can choose to purchase an entire wall unit that will allow you to attach accessories in almost any position on the entire wall for greater convenience and customization options.

Gladiator Cabinets

Box Units,
There are many sizes and shapes of Gladiator Gearbox units you can choose from that will give cabinet storage for items that may not fit well hanging on a  wall. These box units are available in wall mount or free standing and movable options to better allow you to choose locations for their use.

Gladiator floor tiles

Floor Tiles,
Nothing completes a garage like a well finished floor. With Gladiator floor tiles you have several options to choose from when you want to add that final touch to your garage's finish. Protecting the concrete and beautifying you garage all at the same time these tiles are easy to install with interlocking joints for a good solid fit.

Gladiator work area

Shelving and work area,
With several options in workbenches and shelves you are able to choose an option that will meet your needs and stand up to the regular use you would expect from any Gladiator product. Along with workbenches go Gladiator Tool Chests for tool storage that matches all your other Gladiator Garageworks products.

Gladiator refrigerator

The garage is a specialized area of the house and is not kind to standard appliances which is why Gladiator produces specialty Refrigerators and Trash Compactors designed and manufactured to survive the sometimes harsher environment of the garage. With higher quality design these appliances will stand up to the changes in temperature and atmosphere that is typically found in the garage environment that standard appliances are not designed to regularly operate in.

As you can see there is a wide variety of products from the Gladiator Garageworks line to help transform your garage from a cluttered and sometimes wasteful use of space to a clean and well organized area of your home. A well organized garage will greatly improve the usefulness of the area and make finding your stored belongings much easier.

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