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The Gladiator refrigerator model number garf19xxvk is one of the few refrigerators specially designed for use in a garage. This refrigerator is specifically designed to not only withstand the harsher environment of your garage but to match Gladiator Garage organization products and systems. Unlike using your old refrigerator as extra storage space in the garage this product is not only designed for the garage environment of higher temperature and humidity extremes but is energy star rated to help save on energy use.

With 14 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity and 5 feet of freezer capacity the Gladiator refrigerator has enough space to hold extra groceries for later use in the house and be bale to keep chilled beverages for while you are working outside or in the garage. With this refrigerator you will never have to go all the way back inside the house to get a refreshing drink while you work outside or in the garage.

The energy star qualified Gladiator refrigerator model number garf19xxvk is 15 per cent more effective than the current federal energy standards requirement. When compared to older refrigerators the savings can add up to almost 60.00 per year. The fact that this refrigerator is specially designed for use in an un heated and un air conditioned environment means it is designed to operate in a 0-115 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. Even if you live in an area that has very cold winters this refrigerator is designed to keep food chilled and not to freeze in the colder weather.

A few of the other features of the Gladiator refrigerator include reversible doors so you have the ability to choose which way the doors will open.  Spill guard shelves and heavy duty casters to help moving the refrigerator. Two crisper drawers adjustable shelving and four door bins give plenty of storage space for almost anything you might need to keep chilled. A double pass heat loop helps this refrigerator avoid condensation on the outer skin in higher humidity environments. It  also has a frost free defrost control allowing this refrigerator to monitor itself and automatically defrost as needed. The fact that this product is also UL listed means you can trust its construction meets all relevant safety standards.

The Gladiator refrigerator is also constructed with rounded tread plate doors to better match you other Gladiator garage organization products. Keeping a continuity of design is just an added touch when it comes to making your garage look its best and perform its function that much better.

The final touch of adding this refrigerator to your garage does more than just add an appliance designed for that area but keeps the look and feel of your garage consistent. With this refrigerator as the finishing touch on your garage organization you will probably want to keep your garage door open as much as possible so your neighbors can see just what a garage should look like.

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